Maximize Your Board’s Potential

10-13th of June 2024, Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, MASS, USA

To date, 114 excellent business leaders from around the world have participated in the Maximize Your Board’s Potential program. All of them left with the knowledge and connections that provide a lifelong support system for tackling business challenges.

For the 11th time, prof. dr. @Fred van Eenennaam and @The Decision Institute are taking 15-20 invited executive and supervisor board members, and chairs of the board to the Harvard Faculty Club (MA, USA) to discuss the latest international developments in corporate governance on June 10-13, 2024.

We are a proud partner of the program and delighted to offer the opportunity to our connections thriving to governance excellence to participate in this exclusive invitational program.

Why take part in this program?

  • You can learn from an international faculty including world-leading professors from Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, and Darden Business School.
  • You will participate in dynamic discussions and dilemma-solving exercises
  • Have meaningful interactions in a small exclusive group(max 20 people in class)

Insights from the US by leading faculty

  • What are the global oversight challenges boards worldwide face in disruptive times?
  • What are the key international governance differences?
  • How can boards deal with emerging technologies and AI?
  • Risk management beyond financial risk(Global ventures, agility, and innovation)
  • How to make good decisions in moments of truth? (takeover battles and accusations)
  • What should be on the board’s agenda from 2024 onwards related to shared value creation?
  • External governance in global finance

Program Details

Program Dates: 10 – 13th June 2024

Location: Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, MASS, USA

Program: During the 4 days you participate in 14 sessions on pressing governance topics

Time schedule: 09.00h - 21.00h GTM-5/PT

Speakers and presenter: Program director, Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam, and multiple guest speakers each with their unique specialty with regards to governance.

Registration: You can contact the program manager for registration and more information via

Download Brochure   MYBP Program Information and Guidelines


Participant Profile

Maximize Your Board’s Potential is intended for current and future board members and executives. The program is given at an executive MBA level.

Many executives and vice presidents of large companies participated in past editions of the program. For them, understanding new corporate governance has proven to be extremely useful when intending to expand business ventures, navigating complexity, risks and uncertainty, and last but not least developing leadership tools.


Previous Participants Said:

"This class does an excellent job for senior business leaders to understand new corporate governance, the dynamics between the CEO, the Chairman, and other members of the Board and to understand how audit, corporate governance nominating & compensation, and risk management committees can function best. It makes it easy to appreciate board, executive team, and shareholder perspectives in a US and European setting."

– Gerard Paulides, Shell International Europe, CFO Vice President Strategy & Finance

“A great program, in a small group, using case discussion method, to generate engaging discussions of very relevant governance topics. Active interaction and learning in a elite and stimulating setting."

- Miguel Porto, Vice-President & Divisional Compliance Officer at Merck

“Maximize Your Board’s Potential completely beat my expectations. I met a number of incredible faculty members and executives, and gained deep insight into dealing with issues that many companies face."

- Caroline Tsay, Chief Digital Officer HP Software

“Maximize Your Board's Potential is an intensive and attractiveprogram. The setting at Harvard is professional and challengesyou to be part of a board and participate actively in difficultcases."

- Pim Lubbers, Non Executive Rabobank Zuid-Holland Midden