You'd Like a Board Role? Go In to Go Out!

Finding the best board role doesn't happen by magic. It's also not like fishing, where you hang your board bio on a reel and fling it out with hopes someone will bite.

To find the ideal role for you, it's best to first be reflective about the "inner you": your intentions, your assets, your passions, your unique value you bring and how to position this as what makes you compelling and special. It's not easy to do this alone, as we often can't see what makes us shine. Listen to the ideas and ways Murray and I work with candidates to learn what you can do to bring your best self out in the world of board roles. #best #board

Never Here: Building Organizations with No MeToo Issues

Board Directors recognize they have responsibility to assess and address corporate climate because toxic work environments, where sexual harassment is business as usual impacts the value investors seek and causes the consternation of activists. Yet, how can directors address it? Too often, attention to this doesn't become clear until after "bad things" happen. Join this video from a recent workshop we ran about this hot topic. You will learn:

  • What are the early warning signs that a culture is toxic to women or other minorities and includes acceptance of sexual harassment
  • How to ensure your sexual harassment policies are more than compliance measures
  • What culture shifts are need in the board room to address sexual harassment
  • Director accountability for; disclosure, investigation, remediation, and reflection
  • What proactive measures should be implemented to prevent future misconduct

Presenter: Marilyn Nagel

Hot Topics in Governance Series Directors Duties to Maintain Corporate Brands and Reputation

Directors have responsibilities to uphold and ensure the favorability of a company’s reputation and brand in the larger market.

Learn what these responsibilities include and ways directors can succeed as leaders in this area.

Presenter: James Gregory, Founder of CoreBrand Corporation and Strategic Partner of Intrabond Capital Corporation

Board Access Workshop: Risk Oversight

Risk Oversight: Taking Blinders Off or Putting Them On?

About 30 percent of companies miss earnings expectations and about 10 percent miss significantly – even against today’s low bar. Why were those boards and management surprised?

In this Board Access workshop, Brian Barnier, author of The Operational Risk Handbook for Financial Companies, teaches us how boards can better exercise oversight to spot lurking danger.

Topics include:

  • The "Serious Six Blinders" -- What they are and how to take them off
  • The four roles of the governor
  • Opportunities for board members to foster alignment from investors to front line
  • Understanding an investment analyst view of your company
  • Board retreat on risk
  • Cyber scares
  • "Go Time" -- How boards can handle crises