Building on experience in more than 40 countries, we have extensive relationships to help companies open new markets for services and products around the globe.

We assist clients to:

  • Prepare market penetration plans
  • Vet and introduce strategic partners in key regions
  • Introduce qualified sales channels
  • Serve as the sales and marketing team for clients to develop market traction

For example, we opened:

  • the commercial GPS market in China for Trimble Navigation;
  • the micronutrient market in Asia for AgTec Innovations Smart Zinc green fertilizers;
  • the nutraceutical product expansion from Asia to the US for InterhealthNeutraceuticals; and
  • newly introducing the event management technology solution market for Fezzee, Ltd. from Europe to the US.

To expedite your “GO TO MARKET” global plans, contact us for effective, efficient solutions.