"We are dedicated users of assessment as part of our hiring process and use Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. services often. And, while tests can show how smart someone is or what characteristics they have in different areas, I feel assessments need to be conducted by someone with intuitive skills. Only a discerning and skilled person can “feel” whether a candidate has real potential for a job. Quirks in personality, integrity, perseverance, openness to new ideas, broadness of view, optimism or pessimism, etc. may not show up in objective testing. Not everyone can do it well
Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. does!

- COO, Major Retail Operation

The cost of a new hire today is expensive. It's even more expensive to hire a candidate who “doesn't work out.”

Want to know if you have the right candidate for your C-level position? Need to know more about the character of the people you are interviewing? Want to promote an employee but aren't sure she has what it takes for the new position?

Ask us to help you answer these questions and increase the rate of success of your hiring decisions through our assessment practice. We provide information and analysis to make the right decision about your human capital resources.

Our goals in assessment are to:

  • Identify the highest and best use of an individual,
  • Understand what specific strengths a candidate has to offer an organization,
  • Cite what specific developmental areas a hiring manager should address to insure early success, and
  • Recommend who among several candidates has the strongest profile for the role.

Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. offers a thorough assessment program that combines assessment testing and in-depth interviews with our keen sense and understanding of a candidate's character and personal qualities to discern level of fit for a specific role. We help you determine a candidate's cognitive abilities, behavioral traits (such as energy, social skills, communication style, work ethic, reliability compatibility with others on your team), managerial and leadership competencies, and vocational fit with the role considered.

Our assessment service offering includes:

  • A customized assessment protocol, based on a selection of effective tests and diagnostic tools
  • In-depth interview of the candidate
  • In-depth 360 feedback from peers and colleagues of the candidate

Assessments help lower cost and risk of hiring. They contribute to greater productivity and motivation to help insure strong team players in your company.