Finding ideal candidates for board roles requires balanced consideration of skills, experience, styles of problem-solving, fit with the existing director composition and value to contribute to long-term vision of the enterprise.

We help vet and identify qualified candidates, support with placement of directors and provide on-boarding and longer-term coaching for directors.

To aid in candidate sourcing, count on BoardWise’s global registry – Board Bona Fide® Registry -- which helps you to find qualified, diverse directors across the globe. It is a sourcing agent for boards and executive search companies seeking qualified candidates for directorship the world-over.

The confidential registry is open to anyone currently serving on public, private or non-profit boards or anyone who aspires to serve on boards. The confidential registry includes the experience, qualifications and board assignments of directors around the world, analysis of their board style and fit for specific boards, as well as preferences for future opportunities.

We are delighted to offer this registry, establishes as a national, centralized resource for qualified, screened and approved candidates. Further, it makes qualified directors eligible for international roles in global companies. Quality talent can now join in the global commercial world.

Boards need qualified and experienced directors. Companies around the world are becoming more multi-national and challenged by global perspectives. To deepen strategic thinking, they need qualified board directors with specific experiences to address issues in targeted regions of the world. They need diversity of thought and cultural understanding to ensure higher board contributions to corporate success. Until now, there has been no global resource for vetted board candidates to meet these needs." In addition, international movements and transnational regulations now demand more focus on diversity within the board. The U.S. government requires every public company to disclose its board diversity policy as part of its governance practices. Norway requires a percentage of the board to be women, while Germany supports co-determination. Research studies are tracking the value of diversity at the table to overall board and corporate performance," notes Dr. Hamlin. Board Bona Fide responds to these trends. The registry also includes a profile of the registrant's board style, based on a psychometric tool developed by BoardWise. Underlying the registry is an algorithm used to match individual registrants to possible board assignments, based on their fit and readiness for specific types of board.

Members can also use the registry to improve their board readiness capabilities by scheduling one-hour coaching sessions with a BoardWise certified board coach to discuss their board style and preferences; to learn about ideal board fit and how to find the right opportunities; and to improve their own effectiveness while serving on a board.

Organizations seeking qualified directors can use the registry as a sourcing tool to maximize their board composition and mix. Companies, public entities, non-profits and professional executive search firms may contact BoardWise to obtain a list of qualified director candidates. BoardWise secures registrants' approval prior to providing their names as potential board candidates for any request.

Members register for Board Bona Fide online at Registrants have access to a professional board advisor to review their personal results and discuss ideal assignments. Registrants can make changes or additions to their personal profile at any time online.

We provide boards and executive teams with exclusive access to the world’s leading, best-in-class quality directors and executives. We work with boards and companies that seek the highest and best qualified talent to join their organizations. We source, vet, qualify, certify candidates and work with companies to find the ideal talent for each position. We do more than executive searches, as we also coach them in their new positions for six months once placed, to ensure every professional is successful.

Our philosophy is to first arm professionals for success. We evaluate executives and groom them before we ever propose them for openings. We work with clients to find the ideal fit between the roles for a company and the highest and best use of professionals. We propose a “fail-safe” solution to talent acquisition every time!

We source our talent globally and maintain a dynamic registry of professionals that represents talent across industries, countries and diversity groups.

We are pleased to work with search partners as well. We also work with our strategic partner, Westwood and Wilshire, for placement of executive and director talent in companies the world over. Further, we are a member of  Gem.Partners . with whom we work to provide services to clients in search, leadership development and governance best practices.

Great athletes and actors have coaches. We think executives and directors should, too! As active directors, executives and certified coaches, our team provides both situational and on- going coaching for executives and directors aiming to deepen their competencies, leadership and contributions.

Coaching is highly individual and customized to one’s specific needs. Feel free to register for coaching.

Our certified executive board director coaches work with directors to deepen competencies over time.