Let’s face it. Most work today is the result of teams rather than the work of individuals.

Outcomes fly or die based on the quality of team dynamics, processes and collaboration.

Hamlin Harkins works with teams across the globe to ensure teams excel. The firm earned a reputation for creating successful performance improvement in many organizations, especially in the mastery of cross-cultural team leadership.

Call us to learn about our programs, such as Mastering Cross Cultural Team Leadership, and our creative approaches to building teams that hit it out of the park!


"HH’s team program blew my hair off! Dr. Hamlin brought three cultures together in a sensitive merger filled with explosive issues and cleared a path for us to succeed as a team. We went from suspicious to friends and colleagues in no time. She has magic up her sleeve!."

- Rolland Kwok, VP HR
Technology Public Company

"In 2009, HH played a critical leadership role in two international technology acquisitions and bridged culturally diverse engineering teams together by providing the human capital touch for both communications and employee integration worldwide. These acquisitions required HH to blend together Dutch, Germany, American, Chinese, and India work styles intertwined with four corporate cultures and three executive management teams. Their approach allowed the new employees to immediately feel welcome and allowed them to quickly focus on developing new technology for the company.”

- Pete J. Mangan EVP CFO
Trident Microsystems

"I never heard so much laughter from my department until Donna Hamlin worked with them. Learning how to work together has made a huge difference to our productivity and our love of working together."

- Richard Janney, CFO
Semiconductor Public Co.

"The people who walk in the room are not the same ones who come out. Our people came out loaded with so many ideas to improve that their heads don’t fit in their hats anymore! HH performs miracles!"

- Saeid Moshkelani, EVP
Engineering Public Co.