"The fundamental issue is to working with this kind of firm is competency. They know their stuff."
- Alan Lopp, National Semiconductor.

A company may change ownership. Management may experience turnover. Following an acquisition, different corporate cultures and management styles may be forced to merge. Teams may need to improve their relationships and work processes. Sudden market changes may require the reengineering of an entire organization.

These are but a few of the situations which call for thorough understanding of managing organizational and small group dynamics during change. In fact, any organization which seeks to improve overall performance should start with a systematic analysis of its organizational processes, values, culture, programs, structure, and design.

That’s where Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. comes in.

We will show you precision management evaluation tools with the power to measure the emotional and behavioral factors which define the operating style and "heart" of your organization.

Then, we will recommend specific strategies and practical implementation steps that help you build teams and leaders. We will work with you to make it happen. Through this process, you will develop a way of doing business which smoothly flows from the core values of your organization.