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We are dedicated to providing companies and executives with the highest quality solutions, tools, education, research, late-breaking news and advisory support in corporate governance available for governance needs around the globe. We work with all forms or companies and organizations, including private and public corporations and associations, non-profit organizations and executives and teams with a passion for better governance practices.

Boardwise offers its services both directly and to members of its Boardwise program. Members of our program receive additional services and favorable rates for services. Boardwise manages its Boardwise program in strategic cooperation with its expert worldwide partners, including: Deloitte, pwc, Marcum, Board Prospects, Proformative, The United Nations Institue for Training and Research, DLA Piper, Pillsbury, Spencer Stuart, Boyden, Tenent, Compensia, Intrabond Capital B.V., Inc., Watermark Institute, Hamlin Harkins, Ltd., Protiviti and cfos2Go. In addition, Boardwise has active affiliations with major international universities and governance associations dedicated to governance improvement. Boardwise located in San Francisco, California and Hanoi, Viet Nam.

Boardwise provides board candidate assessments,continuing education and governance certification programs directly and in conjunction with Board Prospects, LLC and the Illumeo. Learn more about these new program offerings at and

Boardwise brings to its members the highest, more advanced resources available to help with any governance challenges you may face.

We encourage you to visit our site to learn more, call our office to ask questions, or schedule an appointment to discuss how we can assist you with a tailored plan to meet your needs.

We commit to providing you the highest level of governance service and support in the world!

If you work with a board or serve on a board, it helps to understand how the board sees its role. Boards can range from hands-on operational to regulatory to strategic. How you support the board will differ, based on its type. More importantly, determining which approach is best for the company is key to long-term success. This course helps you evaluate what type of board you deal with today. It provides a way to assess if the current way it operates is best for the company and outlines and what it takes to evolve if not.

Should you support what is or challenge for change? What does it take to become strategic? How do you help maximize the board’s value to your company? Which type of board is a best fit for you? This course provides guidance for you and for your board’s future.

The webinar is available via our educational partner, illumeo.

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Certification & Training

The Center provides several options for professional certification to serve on boards. Board Professional Expert Certification Series. Become an exemplary board leader by taking this four level series, which includes two days of training per level..

Programs & Seminars

In addition to certification training, the Center provides specialized global programs on late-breaking governance issues. Directors can learn from seasoned, expert public company directors who have the knowledge and experience to keep directors in dynamic,..

Customized Programs

Boardwise offers customized programs for corporations with specific interests and needs, including key topics such as, development of internal executives for board roles, enhancing board team effectiveness, mitigating risk, improving strategy..

Board Evaluations

Members of credit associations, e.g., the Shanghai Services Trade Association will incorporate in their credit assessment whether companies complete an annual board evaluation each year. Those companies that do will receive acknowledgement in their credit rating..

Board Candidate Assesments

Boardwise offers a best-in-class online assessment, Board Bona FideTM, to vet and qualify potential directors. Boardwise maintains a registry of these candidate for consideration worldwide as a free source for its Boardwise members..



Neuroscience Tells Us: Put Both Genders at The Board Table!


"After several years of attempts to improve our "in-house" board evaluation process, we searched for a professional board evaluation firm. CareSource has grown quite rapidly from a midsize regional Medicaid HMO to a 2 million member, 5 state multi-billion dollar entity. We realized we needed a full evaluation of all aspects of our board/committee structure, multi-board organization and our overall board governance. After speaking with BoardWise and evaluating its well-established processes, and their extensive customer list, we decided to contract with Boardwise for a full board evaluation process. The entire experience was very positive. They are entirely professional, extremely well experienced and the process they use is substantive and sophisticated. The results brought to the Board and the CEO, proved extremely helpful and has set our Board on a course for significant improvement in multiple respects. Our overall governance has already improved with continued organizational and governance improvements in the near future."

Kevin R Brown

CareSource Management Group

“Thanks, Boardwise, for your guidance on our Board Readiness Program. We learned so much from you with your Board Bona Fide® tool and our work together on the Women on Boards project!”

Jude Tan

Executive Director
Lead Women Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

"Boardwise's board simulation program was amazing! The facilitation was deep and relevant. I was so impressed with how Dr. Hamlin gave feedback to each woman in a way that supported and built upon what she saw from her in her style, and with such careful evidence that said she really was taking it all in! Her knowledge is also clearly very extensive and it shows she has been building on it over many years and interactions. And finally, her warmth and openness was just so incredibly disarming and wonderful. Sooooo Thank you! :)"

Coco Brown

Athena Alliance

"When I was searching for a Director in my early stage start-up, Donna Hamlin found an experienced board member who has been both the founder of a publicly traded company and on the board of several start-ups and publicly traded companies. I could not be happier with the match that Boardwise provided. I recommend their Board Bona Fide registry and services to any executive or board looking for quality solutions!"

Chris Heddon

CEO of

"I can't forget how much Watermark's Board Access Program and learning from you has changed my view on career growth and the impact I can make. Your guidance has changed my life! "

Caroline Tsay

Board Director for Rosetta Stone
(NYSE: RST) and Travelzoo (NASDAQ: TZOO)

"I have gained new insight into my career development by participating in the Board Access program. The assessment, coaching and simulations have been invaluable in opening my perspective about what more I can do to effectively prepare for a position as a Board member. My coach, Donna Hamlin, is an incredible resource and brings a global set of experience and expertise across industries and geographies to help you think broadly but also engage locally in your career. Every senior woman should go through the Board Access program!”

Ashley Magargee

National Sales Director, Genentech

"The Board Access program has both helped me structure my thinking about what type of board position fits with my experience, interests and ambitions today and then developed my relevant brand and board profile to match my ideal fit. I found the board simulation and my time with my coach, Murray Cook, to be incredibly valuable is testing and evolving my thinking and skills to serve as a director.”

Yvonne Wassenaar

VP, Office of the CXO, VMware

"Watermark Board Access Program helped me learn and recognize the biggest thing I needed to do to get ready for board service was to acknowledge that I was ready for board service."

Meg Bear

Group VP, Cloud Social Platform, Oracle



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