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Improving Business Performance

Is Your Company Underperforming?

Some of the best ideas for businesses get started with well-intentioned and passionate people only to fumble, get stuck, level out, stagnate or die.

We hate that!

If you have an underperforming company in your investment portfolio or are managing a company that is struggling, we can help.

What We Do

We work with the executive team to assess the company performance. We evaluate the organization’s leadership, capabilities, operations and financials relative to both industry opportunities and competition. We analyze the issues and potential for the business.

We consider possible breakthroughs, such as:

  • Reposition the product lines,
  • Develop new products,
  • Adapt to new emerging markets,
  • Coach and mentor executives in the new arenas,
  • Identify gaps in offerings and personnel,
  • Develop board effectiveness and recruit key BOD members with access/knowledge in new markets, and
  • Determine ideal differentiation and brand marketing strategies to improve brand loyalty.

We then work with the executive team and board to institute the changes to move the organization to more successful ground. We provide on-the-team talent to work with management to implement changes. We work with boards to ensure they use best practices to guide the company to a new zenith.

How and How Long?

While companies differ in complexity and challenges, our experience helps to set realistic expectations for the work.

We work WITH the executive team without disrupting on-going operations. The assessment and evaluation phase takes an average of 60 days. We research and work on site as warranted and minimize imposition on the business activities.

We work TOGETHER to determine which change management areas are best done by the team and which areas we support with our experienced staff. The execution phase typically runs for 9-12 months.

We ENGAGE the board on the strategy and changes to implement and set performance metrics for their oversight.

Why Us?

It’s common for executive teams to have already struggled with performance improvement ideas. They may also have brought in consultants for an objective view. So, why are we different?

Our two firms focus on one mission: create organizational success with fresh, smart solutions to challenges.

Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. is 37 years young and has worked with clients in 46 countries across a wide array of industries. It provides hard-hitting solutions to improve business and management outcomes.

Boardwise, owned by Hamlin Harkins, Ltd., addresses all governance and director matters, including board evaluations, best practices, director search and certification.

Together, the team includes professionals with experience in strategy, operations, executive leadership and corporate governance. The aim we all share is to improve organizational results to take any business to its next level of success. Every professional on our team has C-level executive and consulting experience tenure of more than 30 years. Read more about each of us on our site.

What clients say about examples of our work include:

“Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. provided a complete turnkey solution to the most significant and complex corporate initiative we have undertaken to date: They helped us increase our regional retail presence 300% through the strategic acquisition of assets from a competitor twice our size”

- Tim Ziemke, Big A Drugstore Group, Inc

“When we adopt strategies they recommend, we meet our goals and objectives without fumbling the ball. We constantly go back to them.”

- Adrian Dedic, Interex

“Hamlin Harkins, Ltd.’s expert guidance and financial acumen saved our company over $200 million in potential tax liabilities. They have the proven talent and experience to deliver optimal results. I highly recommend them.”

- Terry London, President & CEO, Gaylord Entertainment

“Boardwise is such an asset. It brings just the right directors with experience and smart ideas to help grow our business and be a better board.”

– Jennifer Ernst Tivic Health

“If you want a very strategic human resources consultant., turn to this team right away. They are effective with the senior management team and helpful to them in aligning human capital with the current and future strategy. They are excellent at organizational design, evaluation of talent, pipeline and succession planning, and executive coaching/change management. Their experience ranges from small companies to Fortune 100 in size and complexity, and they are able to provide a value-add service to move a company to optimize its current situation and build-out the capabilities for the future.”

-T Mary Davis, CEO, Davis Bateson Group, LLC

“This team saved us from making a seriously expensive mistake in strategy. We had planned to invest in adding drive-through pharmacy service at all our stores to keep up with our key competitor. Based on their CASCADE research, they recommended we pivot and compete in a new and different way. It worked!”

- HEB,Inc.

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