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Board Professional Expert Certification®

Board Professional Expert Certification®

Become an exemplary board leader by taking this four level series, which includes two of training per level:

Level One: Professional
These two days focus on understanding corporate governance, its purpose, director accountability, governance principles and models, board oversight, roles and expectations, board relationships, committees, leadership and checks and balances in responsibilities.

Level Two: Senior Professional
These two days address expertise required for directors, including knowledge, information, standards, regulations and reputation. It reviews codes of ethics, integrity, best practices and disclosure obligations. Participants evaluate where boards can go wrong through misalignment, conflicts of interest, power issues and how to read early signs of trouble. This module introduces the requirements and methods to meet them, including annual board evaluations, qualifications for diversity within the board and what best practices can be adopted to improve board contributions to a company.

Level Three: Expert Professional
These two days consider the impact of board interactions on success. It looks at the role of the board in: corporate strategy, evaluating execution, committee work, working relationship with management, and reporting and disclosure to the company, its shareholders and publics. It reviews the latest issues and solutions to managing shareholder rights and engagement.

Level Four: Board Leader
The final two days address governance in an international setting. Directors of multinational companies have obligations to understand regulatory and compliance requirements which differ by country. This module considers the various institutional frameworks across countries. It also addresses the board’s economic governance role. It looks at strategies to address favorability with institutional investors. It review the director’s role in foreign investments, SRI funds and meeting eligibility for investments according to the new corporate indices for environmental, social and governance responsiveness.

The curriculum includes a mix of interactive, case-based learning, online sessions and facilitated group learning designed to stimulate rigorous thinking and practical knowledge.

The program is endorsed and certified by the United Nations UNITAR training program. Participants – for each level they pass --receive a dual certificate from UNITAR and BoardWise, the global governance firm which designed and delivers the program.

By completing this certification program, participants will:

  • Understand and prioritize roles and responsibilities
  • Understand the economic, regulatory, legal, reputation and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Learn about best practices for evaluating company financial and strategic performance
  • Develop working knowledge of fundamental financial and auditing metrics, strategic questions to explore with auditors, CFOs and consultants
  • Improve committee effectiveness and contributions
  • Consider ways to improve board mix, meeting effectiveness, relationship with shareholders and stakeholder and increase overall corporate reputation.
  • Compare practices and ideas with director colleagues from other companies who participant.


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