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Board and Executive Placement

Board and Executive Placement

We provide boards and executive teams with exclusive access to the world’s leading, best-in-class quality directors and executives.. We work with boards and companies that seek the highest and best qualified talent to join their organizations. We source, vet, qualify, certify candidates and work with companies to find the ideal talent for each position. We do more than executive searches, as we also coach them in their new positions for six months once placed, to ensure every professional is successful.

Our philosophy is to first arm professionals for success. We evaluate executives and groom them before we ever propose them for openings. We work with clients to find the ideal fit between the roles for a company and the highest and best use of professionals. We propose a “fail-safe” solution to talent acquisition every time!

We source our talent globally and maintain a dynamic registry of professionals that represents talent across industries, countries and diversity groups.

We are pleased to be a member of Gem.Partners. As a strategic partner of this global firm, we work together to provide services to clients in search, leadership development and governance best practices.


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