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Advisory Support Services

Advisory Support Services

BoardWise offers advisory services to companies seeking ways to improve their overall governance. In particular, it offers IPO companies guidance to help them become board-ready, and companies registering entities in new countries which seek counsel before filing, to ensure they comply with requirements early on.

BoardWise runs pre-IPO readiness workshops for companies that wish to learn what is needed for transition. It also provides in-depth IPO readiness support consulting services. Please refer contact us to discuss your customized needs.

Often times, companies discover they need special technical assistance to address topics that emerge from a board evaluation. This may include legal counsel, accounting, compensation, operational improvements, director searches, corporate reputation improvement or risk mitigation.

Strategic Partner Support

To protect against any conflict of interest in its board evaluation work, BoardWise does not directly offer direct audit, legal or remediation services. Instead, it has a well-established set of partners to whom it can refer a board to assist them. These include:

Pre-IPO Governance Preparation

Preparing to take a company public includes making sure the company meets governance standards. We work with company boards and executive teams to implement acceptable governance protocols, including board structure, composition, director required qualifications, committee creation and membership, board processes, policies, practices and accountabilities.

This consulting service can range from three to six months, depending on the existing governance processes within a company. Contact us to schedule a time to meet and discuss how the consulting applies to your situation.

Governance Conferences
Each year, Boardwise serves as a sponsor for annual governance conferences for members to attend and stay abreast of current governance trends, changes and leadership topics globally. Keynote speakers from BoardWise offer new insights and offer ideas for the future.


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