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Here's a Thought

Me to a French client:

" I just returned from Australia where I visited the incubator companies. They are thriving on investments from a growth in angel investors.  They are complaining there are no later stage investors though." 

Client from France: 

"We don't invest in early stage companies here. It's a cultural thing that we don't like risk. We wait and invest when we are more sure.

Our entrepreneurs can't get funded. "

Together, we chimed:

"Let's send the Aussie entrepreneurs for stage 2 to France and the French entrepreneurs tto Australia to start."

           hh reports...
         January. 2019

What’s Wrong with Listening to Customers?

A burgeoning number of companies are creating a new executive role of Chief Listening Officer. Most of us recognize all employees should listen to their customers, however, the commitment to this specific role and title is to maintain a reliable, continuous way to do this across the many channels available today, including direct feedback, social media and reviews.

Of course, if your organization is not listening to customers, it’s at risk of holding their allegiance. A company’s share of market rests with its ability to competently meet the needs and expectations of its customers. Since the appetite for customer wants are dynamic, listening must be constant to pick up the often subtle shifts and changes that surface.


As companies become more competent with the work in the right hand circle, the more share of market and customer loyalty from the left circle they accrue.

Market Share Increases

Listening is important and many organizations do so. So, what is it the issue? 

Based on our work with clients, it is less about the listening and more about how they capture and interpret what they hear.

“Don’t You Say What I Don’t Say!”

A passionate high school teacher of mine who hailed from Poland often said this when exasperated by people who “rephrased” something he said. His English was sometimes amusing and people repeated back different ways to say what they thought he meant. Good intentions notwithstanding, they sometimes got his meaning wrong.

Companies are prone to do the same with customer input. Reframing what they say looses something in translation. We show clients how best to work with customers’ exact language. Their words, metaphors and adjectives tell much more about how they think. When marketing messages use language customers use, customers resonate more closely to the brand. They say “this company gets how I think!”

On the qualitative side, we designed our CASCADE© research to capture the exact language and its nuances in useful and more impactful ways.

“Real Numbers Don’t Matter. We Are DIrectionally Correct.”

A favorite CFO client used to say this in jest when presenting financials at his quarterly company reviews.

While he was joking, many companies view customer insights this same way. They collect "weak data" and end up only able to see gross trends instead of the dynamics of how customers evaluate and make choices.

BY "weak data" we mean designing questionnaires with unprecise qualitative and quantitive methods, such as categorical and Likert scales. If your company is using antiquated protocols to understand customer preferences and reactions, you are vulnerable to investing in not-so-useful results. There is little differentiation value in what we call “so what data” which simply confirms you and your competitors are undifferentiated because you are all saying the same thing. This causes prospects to lump everyone together since they cannot discern the difference.

Competitive advantage depends on knowing and responding to customer needs in unique ways that differentiate a company from all others.

“Listen Breakthroughs!”

We help clients to adopt methods that increase precision and clearer understanding of the relationship among many variables that make up the complex decisions and loyalties of customers. Our CASCADE technique is the most precise method available and has won two awards for most significant contribution to organizational performance.

If you would like to learn more from listening to your customers and prospects in more meaningful ways, we can help. Feel free to read more or call us to discuss your specific need. http://www.hamlinharkins.com/cascade_research_method.html