December, 2020

Meet Our Latest Board Bona Fide Director Placed


We are pleased to share that Dr. Anne-Marie Duliege is newly appointed as Advisory Board Co-Chair director for Canadian-based Chelation Partners, Inc.  


Michael Weickert, Executive Chairman for Cheleation Partners notes: 

" Chelation Partners is excited to have Dr. Anne-Marie Duliege join their Scientific Advisory Board as co-Chair. Donna and Boardwise introduced us to Anne-Marie and we were having our first conversation the next day."  Her extensive Chief Medical Officer and clinical development experience brings a much needed perspective to our upcoming transition to a clinical stage company."




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                        Why AI Is Stupid






A top Google researcher recently claimed she was fired after criticizing the company. Timnit Gebru, a co-leader of its Ethical A.I. team, said her dismissal followed an email to company executives outlining exasperation with hiring practices and of biases being built into artificial intelligence.


The excitement about the potential of artificial intelligence as a tool is a buzz in most businesses today. What do you need to know before counting on AI in your business? Directors must discern if the AI considered or adopted is accurate, correctly applied and ethically used.


In this 22 minute webinar, computational scientist Dr. Tony Drummond and decision scientist Brian Barnier discuss with Boardwise CEO, Dr. Hamlin, the value of AI, the hazards to avoid with AI, what questions directors should ask and the ways to assess and use AI wisely.



Dr.Donna Hamlin

Dr.Tony Drummond

Mr. Brian Barnier






          Why Inclusion Still Matters


          in Post-Covid Workplaces




Follow Boardwise Partner, Marilyn Nagel in her latest article in Breakthrough Thinkers Magazine*                                                                                        Available at ww.thedecisiongroup.nl


“Our economies are in a downward slope so we need to think innovatively about new product lines and markets. This comes from a diverse workforce. It is important we leverage the employees well together, collaborating and innovating in a way that only happens when there is diversity. “


Learn more as she discusses:

  • What groups are the most likely to be affected by the pandemic’ consequences
  • Why should you talk now about inclusion, diversity and equity in companies
  • With the aftermaths of the Covid-19 pandemic, why do you think inclusion and diversity are more important than ever
  • What advice to helps leaders to practice inclusive leadership in times of crisis
  • What we are learning from Covid-19

Marilyn is a Boardwise Partner, working with companies to advance their diverse talent, realize the economic power and innovative solutions that transform culture, creating an equitable future for their company, community and society. She is widely recognized in the field Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as well as executive and board development, leadership and networking. Marilyn consults with pre and post IPO companies, fortune 500 and global multinational companies on developing and implementing diversity strategies. She is an internationally known speaker and workshop facilitator on topics such as Inclusive Leadership, Building Intentional Connections, Inclusive Hiring, Creating Influence, as well as Board Accountability and Women’s Leadership.


*The Breakthrough Thinkers Magazine is now available in the following versions: Print: Request a hardcopy via info@thedecisiongroup.nl Digital: www.thedecisiongroup.nl Editors: Fred van Eenennaam Annalisa Filomena Fernando G. Alberti Federica Belfanti Publisher: The Decision Group



              Does Board Service Make a Difference?


                            Let Us Count the Ways


The latest research says there is both a lot to give and even more to gain. Join our panel to learn about the opportunities board service offers to improve organizations, communities, stakeholders and you, professionally and personally. 


For those who missed the session, you can listen to the recorded version at: wearewatermark.org Learning Center



Nola Masterson, biotech leader and board member of Prime Genomics, among others,  Rosa Zeegers, board member at EZCORP, and Dr. Donna Hamlin, Founder & CEO, Boardwise, share their insights and explain how to find the board opportunity that’s right for you.







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