August, 2020

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provides human milk-based biopharmaceuticals and medical foods to high-risk neonates and infants.

LactaLogics is committe to meeting its growth agenda to save more lives of infants with best practices in its corporate governance. 



  Nola Masterson
 as new board   director for   LactaLogics, Inc. 



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Are You Asking the Right

Questions About Cybersecurity?




 Cyberwarfare is a growing challenge for all companies
 today. Board directors have a duty to address 
this with
 sound protective measures.  Many organizations, however,
 use the wrong tools and methods for protection.

 Why does this happen? History teaches us with many
 examples of why we make ill-constructed thinking and lack
 of understanding. 

 Directors are not experts in this field so they must ask 
 right questions to ensure the company uses the best
 approaches to outthink the bad actors.

Take 16 minutes to hear from Brian Barnier and Donna Hamlin about how to ask and discern if your organization is addressing this challenge in the best way.



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"We are excited to support Board Prospects in its important governance work. We are committed to supporting directors in best practices in governance across the globe" notes Dr. Donna

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