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Never Me for Individuals


What Does Harvey Weinstein Have To Do With Me

In this era of heightened awareness around sexual harassment in the workplace, how can you; know if you are stepping into a toxic work environment, increase protection and inclusive leadership where you work and most importantly develop the skills to top inappropriate behavior? What strategies will you employ to develop allies who will support women create a more inclusive work environment?

Make no mistake – whether you are in school or the workforce --womenare talking.Women who have been pressured for sexual favors to make a deal, get a position or grade, been treated inappropriately or subjected to “locker room talk” or worse at work or in a University setting will litigate, holding not only the leaders accountable, but now spreading the word about their experiences on social media.

Women are sharing their stories, supporting each other in reducing the isolation, shame and self-recriminationas well as questioning their own any responsibility when they were in actuality victimized.While these conversations are therapeutic and long overdue for some, they must be coupled with a proactive approach to stopping sexual harassment if we want to move from Me Too to Never Me. Data shows that roughly 71 percent of women still don’t report sexual harassment out of fear of retaliation, and even fewer bystanders report harassment that they've witnessed. And we have the power to change the story!

Join us to learn and discuss this important hot topic. You will learn:

  • Assessing the culture when interviewing
  • Hiring inclusive leaders (as hiring manager or on a hiring panel)
  • Power dynamics
  • Speaking up when bad behavior happens to you or another person
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Being an Ally
  • Enlisting men to support you
  • Become a leader and model the behaviors you want to promote

This is an interactive format, so please bring your experiences and questions and join in on the hearty discussion!


Marilyn Nagel is a Boardwise strategic partner focusesed on corporate strategies fordiversity and inclusion as well as women’s development. Marilyn has an unusual background that includes over 30 years of experience in the corporate world as a C-Suite executive, entrepreneur and executive coach. In addition to being Chief Learning Officer of SAMI, a game based training company Marilyn’s consulting firm Ready-Aim-Aspire is widely recognized in the field of diversity and inclusion as well as women’s leadership development and networking.

Prior to starting Ready-Aim Aspire, Marilynserved as CEO of Watermark leading strategic initiatives designed to help women in the Bay Area enhance their personal and professional impact. Before joining Watermark, Marilyn was Chief Diversity Officer at Cisco. She was recognized as a thought leader in creating inclusive environments, and a co-chair of the Conference Board Global Diversity Group as well as senior advisor to the Center for Talent and Innovation.

She serves on the Board of Directors of Ceres Community Project, and has served on the Board of Directors of Watermark, Professional Business Women of California, the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Inc. (NACME), UPWARD, and Family and Children Services. Marilyn also currently serves on the Advisory Board of The Everest Project, YOL, and Jewish Values Investment Funds as well as the Advisory Council of Courageous Leadership.

Marilyn is the recipient of the Women of Influence Award, the Women Leading the Way TWIN Award, Women Worth Watching award from the Diversity Journal, Black Enterprise Top Executives in Diversity, and Diversity Officer Leadership Award.

In addition to her current work with numerous startups, Marilyn also consults with fortune 500 global companies on developing and implementing diversity strategies. She is an internationally recognized speaker and workshop facilitator on topics such as Building Intentional Connections, Building a Culture of Inclusion, Inclusive Leadership, Executive Presence, Creating Influence, as well as Women’s Leadership and Board Access. She is a blogger for the Huffington Post and frequently contributes to numerous publications.

This program can be 2 or 3 hours, based on attendee count. We offer it in-house for companies. Please call to learn more.


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